Point to Multi-Point Solution

Laying of fibre cables are cumbersome in clusters thinly populated and spaced out over long distance. A typical Fibre-to-the-home architecture, though ideal, becomes far too expensive to network houses and neighbourhood spaced out unevenly.

With the advent of Wireless Technology and introduction of AC products promising 450Mbps+ throughput, a Point to Multi-Point Wireless Solution proves a more viable, stable and far more cost-effective method to achieve broadband connectivity.

Our specialization

  • A traditional Base Station comprising of a Rocket/BaseBox Radio in tandem with an Omni Antenna provides a wireless facility of unto 4KMs with 150Mbps throughput and a capacity of 30+ client devices.
  • A BTS tower guarantees up-to 10KMs+ range with capacity of 100+ client devices with the implementation of above mentioned basic radios with Sector antennae in threes.Proves rather stable, load could be shared evenly so that each radio is void of excess load and choking.
  • With the use of AC Radios like Rocket 5AC PTMP, as much as 450Mbps throughput could be anticipated with a pool of 250+ Client devices spread across three sector antennae and considerably less interference and noise proving a boon to provide connectivity in a Point to Multi-Point scenario.