Broadband connectivity is a prime necessity and the deeper and thicker our cities and districts are networked, the faster progress is facilitated.
Remote locations where fibre connectivity is an expensive and painstaking job, backhaul point to point solutions come in handy.

These are vigourously tested, implemented and are up live across Maharashtra, Gujarat and northern states of India by Saibaba Infocom. Actual case study have been extensively recorded and documented by us in remotest parts of Maharashtra and can be shared upon request.

Our specialization

  • PowerBeam M5 400 carries 100Mbps+ throughput with distance 15KMs+ costing less than Rs. 15,000/-
  • PowerBeam 5AC 500 goes over 30KMs with as mammoth as 400Mbps+ throughput with a budget not more than Rs. 30,000/-
  • AirFibre X coupled with Rocket Dish 34dBi can take in a load of unto 500Mbps with a distance promise of unto 80KMs.