B.T.S.: Point To Multi-Point Solution Nirala Inc.: Nashik, Mahrashtra

AIM: To establish a Point-to-MultiPoint Network catering a radius of 6-8KMs.

CHALLENGES: Stable and reliable broadband connectivity was unheard of in our town. When we got to designing the network, we faced:

06“Our town was in dire need of reliable
broadband connectivity. Our 1st successful
wireless link was an instant hit and well received
by the folks in our vicinity and enquiries grew
day-by-day. It seemed impossible at first to serve
the ever increasing demand.”
– HARVIND SINGH, Network Manager,
Nirala, Inc




  • Laying fibre cables was not an option as our marketing strategy generated over
    200 spot-on enquiries.
  • Homes were spaced out in our cluster and the potential ones were scattered in
    all the directions.
  • Plans varied from 2Mbps to 10Mbps and establishments were located over
    long distances from our BTS tower.
  • We collectively had a week to deploy and serve around 100 potential home
    customers spanned across a radius of 6KMs with no first-hand knowledge over
  • Point to Multi-Point Wireless Solution was our last resort.

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“DHULIYA, Maharashtra is developing rapidly and broadband connectivity has never been so much in dmand. Outdoor AC MiMo products are being used by us in place of Fibre cables. Proves costeffective and just as seamless.” –

Wagh, Radiant Technology.

“ Ideal backhaul solution for  maximum throughput over long distances”

“ Indian frequencies being very restrictive curb  the very capacity of wireless MiMo devices. Thus, AC series products by UBIQUITI NETWORKS have proven to satisfy backhaul needs wirelessly to terrains where laying fibre cables is cumbersome and maximised connectivity is a priority” – Lokesh Tiwari, Technical Enginner, SAIBABA INFOCOM.

Challenge: Point to Point connectivity over 42KMs and throughput up-to 80-120MBps.

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Typical Graphical Representation of ‘Wi-Fi hotspot’ solution as an outdoor deployment.

In this case of Krishna Resort, they had MikroTik’s RB 1100AHx2 which made not
only user-management an easy job but hot-spot login/creation at 2 mouse-clicks.
UNIFi controller allows management of every Access Point in the network thereby
allowing movement of end-devices like a tablet, smartphone etc. across this meshnetwork.
This helps in flashing a single SSID and allows automatic switchover from a weaker
AP to a stronger AP in the network.


UNIFi Controller managing every access point in a network.

The fusion with MikroTik’s Level OS 6 is touted most successful in indoor/ outdoor WiFi hotspot solutions.


UNIFi Outdoor + mounted at every 200m across the property

  • Krishna Villa is a massive property for a resort which is covered
    with dense trees and plantations all across.
  • Every cottage is almost 800 sq.ft and is separated from the other by
    considerable distance.
  • It was a mandatory requirement of the Team Krishna Resort to
    establish a seamless connectivity inside every cottage as well as
    outdoors since there are outdoor activities throughout the night
    and most gatherings take place pool-side, garden area and healthclub
    and open dinning hall.
  • In addition, they have the in-house staff of 60 with topmanagement
    utilising Internet and personal, social and office
  • Entertainment activities take up lot of bandwidth and involves
    guests near pool-side for a good amount of time.
    On a busy day, concurrent users go up as many as 300 guests
    loitering across full property at gym, dinning, breakfast, lobby,
    pool-side and in the vicinity.

Krishna Villas’ Resorts , Tungharli Village, LONAVLA, Maharashtra.

Aim: To create a wifi hotspot at a popular resort that hosts regular events and occupied all seasons.
Challenge: Seamless connectivity across the property of approximately 5.5 acres.  User capacity of as many as 500guests+ at a time during in-house events. Controlled Budget of not more than Rs. 80K to cover most frequently
infested pockets across the resort. Most activities happen in outdoor premises. So a stable and thorough
outdoor solution was a priority that required no or minimum maintenance.